Elbow Cay Yacht Charter   – Abacos – Caribbean Sea

Local Weather :

In Elbow Cay – Abacos  the climate  is semitropical and has two seasons, summer and winter . During the summer, which extends from May through November, the climate is dominated by warm, moist tropical air masses moving north through the Caribbean. Midsummer temperatures range from 21 °C to 34 °C with a relative humidity of 60 to 100%. In winter months, extending from December through April, the climate is affected by the movement of cold polar masses from North America. Temperatures during the winter months range from 15 °C to 24 °C.

Radio Information:

A local VHF channel has been informally organized local VHF in Abacos Caribbean Sea , channel specifically designed to help yachtsmen who are not totally familiar with The Abacos’ waters. Since many local and cruising yachtsmen standby on VHF 68, a convenient source of “local knowledge” or help in an emergency. Additionally, at 8:15 AM, the Abacos’ most accurate local weather and sea conditions forecast is available. Medical and rescue help (through Bahamas Air Sea Rescue) stands by on VHF 83 out of Treasure Cay.

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