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The capital of Antigua and Barbuda is St. John’s and it is also the largest city of Antigua and Barbuda. The country has a total population of about 82.000 inhabitants and stands as the commercial center as well as the chief port of the island.

St. John’s is considered as the most cosmopolitan and developed city in Lesser Antilles due to it’s famous fashion shopping industry which has evolved.

People of African and mixed European-African ancestry are mainly the people of St. John’s but there is and the small percentage of  Levantine Christian Arabs in the city.

The total area of St. John’s is 10 square kilometers and the geographical coordinates of the city is 17°07’43.4″N 61°51’05.5″W in Caribbean Sea.

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St. John’s harbours

Heritage Quay | Redcliffe Quay


Yacht Charter St. John's
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Yacht Charter St. John's

Yacht Charter St. John’s by offers bareboat and skippered yacht charters in St. John’s – large fleet of sailing yachts, motor boats, and catamarans for charter in St. John’s. An St. John’s yacht charter is the ideal location for luxury yacht holidays in the Caribbean.