Exuma Yacht Charter

The loveliest part of the Bahamas in the Caribbean Sea , Exuma is a chain of 360 or more cays and islands, an archipelago stretch for about 130 miles beginning 30 miles southeast of New Providence.

The Exuma islands are a heaven spot  for yachting and sailing as there are more footprint-free beaches with that sapphire blue water than you have ever dream. Those islands are divided into three major areas—Great Exuma, Little Exuma and The Exuma Cays. In each of those areas you can live an unique Bahamian experience.

Great Exuma, the largest of the Exuma islands is home to Georgetown, a charming Caribbean city that is worth visiting. The beaches and sea of a large part of the Exuma Cays are being preserved by the Government under the Bahamas National Trust’s Exuma National Land and Sea Park. This comprises underwater limestone and coral reefs, drop-offs, blue holes, caves and marine life, and the last home of the Bahamian iguana, a giant lizard-like creature.

Islands and Cays:

  •      Compass Cay
  •      George Town
  •      Highborne Cay
  •      Little Farmer’s Cay
  •      Norman’s Cay
  •      O’Brien’s Cay
  •      Sampson Cay
  •      Shroud Cay
  •      Staniel Cay
  •      Warderick Wells


Exuma Ports

George Town



Yacht Charter Exuma
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Yacht Charter Exuma

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