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Haiti was one of the New World’s richest place and the crown jewel of the Caribbean. The population of Haiti is about 9 million people .Haiti has a tropical climate, is hot and humid during most months of the year. Some areas of the country however  can be almost desert-like and dry where the mountains cut off the trade winds.

The capital of the Haiti is Port-au-Prince which layout is similar to that of an amphitheatre contains beautiful beaches like everywhere else in the country.

Vaudou drums echo from the jungle during moonlit nights makes Haiti a special and different place for vacation .  Creative Arts is considered as a very popular activity in Haiti. The best of its painters sell their works for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The turquoise pools of Bassin-Bleu, the massive cave systems and the ability to learn about Vodou culture makes Haiti a place where only true travellers go, a place for the brave and the curious.For those with patience and with an open mind, Haiti reveals a rich culture that is unique among post-colonial nations.

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Haiti Ports

Mole Saint Nicolas   |     Ile à Vache    |      Pestel   |        Petit Goave


Yacht Charter Haiti
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Yacht Charter Haiti

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