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After Roatan and Guanaja, the island Utila is considered the smallest island of the Honduras bay islands, Yacht Charter.

The Utila island is attracted for its favourable diving conditions and of course there are many diving sites around the island, extensive reefs full of marine life, including the elusive whale shark .

The eastern side of the island Caribbean Utila it is covered by a thin veneer of basaltic volcanic rocks, erupted from several pyroclastic cones.

Utila island was discovered in Columbus fourth voyage and it was then when Utila first mentioned in history of Honduras.

The Islands total area is about  45 square kilometers with an elevation of 74 metres and the population is 4160 with 92 square kilometers of density.

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Yacht Charter Utila
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Yacht Charter Utila

Yacht Charter Utila by Caribbean4yachtcharters.com offers bareboat and skippered yacht charters in Utila – large fleet of sailing yachts, motor boats, and catamarans for charter in Utila. A Utila yacht charter is the ideal location for luxury yacht holidays in the Caribbean.