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The Spanish Virgin Islands (sometimes known as the Passage Islands) are a group of islands just east of the main island of Puerto Rico. They are part of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Although United States territory, they are politically and culturally distinct from the Territory of the Virgin Islands of the United States (commonly called the U.S. Virgin Islands) which lies to the east of the Spanish Virgin Islands. As part of Puerto Rico, they formerly belonged to Spain, and Spanish remains the predominant language, although English is common.

As Puerto Rican islands, they are often not labeled as part of the Virgin Islands archipelago. However, they are geographically part of the Virgin Islands chain. They are closer to St. Thomas than St. Thomas is to St. Croix, both part of the U.S. Virgin Islands. The term “Spanish Virgin Islands” is common in Puerto Rican tourist literature, but often does not appear on general maps and atlases.

The principal islands of the group are Culebra and Vieques, with multiple associated smaller islands and islets.

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Yacht Charter Spanish Virgins Islands
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Yacht Charter Spanish Virgins Islands

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