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While Trinidad booms with industry and parties all night, tiny Tobago just 42 kilometers across slouches in a deck chair with a beer in hand watching its crystalline waters shimmer in the sun.

Tobago is an autonomous island within the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. It is located northeast of the mainland of Trinidad and southeast of the Caribbean country of Grenada.

The capital of Tobago is Scarborough with a population of 25.500 people. The population of Tobago is primarly of African descent while Trinidad is multiethnic.

Though Tobago is proud of its rainforests, fantastic dive sites, stunning aquamarine bays and nature reserves, it’s OK with not being mentioned in a Beach Boys song. Most of the white-sand beaches and tourist development are centered on the southwestern side of Tobago, starting at Crown Point and running along a string of bays up to Arnos Vale. 

The coast beyond Scarboroug is dotted with small fishing villages and the interior is ruggedly mountainous, with thick rainforest. Divers and snorkelers, and those seeking mellow days, visit the easternmost villages of Speyside and Charlotteville, while bird-watchers head for the Tobago Forest Reserve and the nearby uninhabited island of Little Tobago.


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