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Trinidad , the largest island of Trinidad and Tobago group of islands in the west Indies which is considered a popular location for yachters and sailors.

When we refer to Trinidad carnival and business comes instantly to our minds. Trinidad a city full of joy, parties and the special carnival that rivals Rio’s popular one has and an alternative view from bird watchers who are tangled in a camera trying to catch one of the unigue spieces of birds that are flying in those tropical forests.

While in the northeast coast of Trinidad there are shocking rugged beauty beaches, in the southwest coast the Indian culture prevails with those fragrants of spices floating on the air and those flamboyant temples rise up out of nowhere.

Trinidad is one of the Windward Islands in Caribbean Sea. The largest settlement in Trinidad is considered to be Chaguanas with a population of about 100.000. Trinidad’s total area is about 4.800 square kilometers with a highest elevation of 940 meters


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Trinidad Ports

Port of Spain    |   Chaguaramas


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Yacht Charter Trinidad

Yacht Charter Trinidad by offers bareboat and skippered yacht charters in Trinidad – large fleet of sailing yachts, motor boats, and catamarans for charter in Trinidad. A Trinidad yacht charter is the ideal location for luxury yacht holidays in the Caribbean.