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The fan of islands that form the main landmass of this nation are the Caicos Islands, which range from the nearly uninhabited East Caicos to the condo-sprouting Providenciales. Providenciales, or Provo as it’s known locally, is the tourism capital of the Turks and Caicos. It’s home to a busy international airport, some fairly rampant development and its crowning glory, miles of beautiful white-sand beaches along its northern coast. Everything is modern and commercial because it’s mostly new. There is no old town, just a few decades ago, this was all salt flats. The biggest attraction on the island is this world-famous stretch of sand, notably long and beautiful even by Caribbean standards. East Caicos is the least-inhabited island in the chain. There is a Haitian immigrant community on the island but little else. The beaches are renowned and odds are you will have them all to yourself. However, the only way to get here is by boat charter.

South Caicos is the place to go for unspoilt scuba diving. The waters are pristine and prized for the effort required to get there. The land itself is a windswept wasteland of sand and scrub. As fas as the Turks group is concerned, comprises Grand Turk and its smaller southern neighbor, Salt Cay, in addition to several tiny cays. The islands lie east of the Caicos Islands, separated from them by the 22 mile wide Turks Island Passage.

Happily lacking the modern development that has enveloped Provo, Grand Turk is a step back in time. At just 6.5 miles long, this dot amid the sea is a sparsely populated, brushcovered paradise. Cockburn Town, the main settlement, has narrow streets frequented by wild donkeys. Beaches rim the land and calm blue water invites you in for a refreshing swim.


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Yacht Charter Turks & Caicos

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