Windward Islands Yacht Charter

The Windward Islands are the southern, generally larger islands of the Lesser Antilles, within the West Indies in the Caribbean Sea. They lie south of the Leeward Islands, Guadeloupe and the islands to the south were designated Windward Islands.  As a group they start from Dominica and reach southward to the North of Trinidad & Tobago. The Windward Islands are called such because they were more windward to sailing ships arriving in the New World than the Leeward Islands, given that the prevailing trade winds in the West Indies blow east to west.

Windward Islands include, from north to south, the English speaking island of Dominica,  the French department of Martinique,  the English-speaking islands of Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and Grenada  and between Saint Vincent and Grenada, the chain of small islands known as the Grenadines. Though near the general area, Trinidad and Tobago which are located at the south end of the group and Barbados which is located east , are usually not considered part of the Windward Islands.



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